Our Typical Small Business Client

  • Is running one or more businesses
  • Has annual revenue between $350k and $10M per company per year.
  • Wants to focus on growing the business, not managing the books and taxes
  • Understands that DIY bookkeeping won’t cut it to meet your growth goals
  • Embraces technology both for themselves and working with others
  • Wants to do things responsibly and ethically
  • Wants to make better strategic decisions
  • Desires a year-round strategic partner for accounting and tax

Who We Work With

While we have developed some specialty niches like rental real estate and professional services clients over the years, it’s more about the philosophy and approach of being open to investing in and using technology to improve processes and the bottom line. It’s about playing an active role in your business, listening to our advice and instruction, and valuing it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here, but we are serious about our clients, services, work products, and the type of people we like to work with. Because of this, Shaynaco might not be suitable for your business. We recognize that everyone works differently and values different priorities. What we won’t do is waste your time pretending we can take care of you just to earn a few bucks. If we are not a fit, we’ll be happy to see if we can direct you to someone who is.

We do not take on tax resolution for businesses or individuals without involvement in the original tax work. We will, however, refer you to a tax resolution expert we trust to help you resolve these issues. Then, we can help you going forward with your tax and accounting needs.

Are you looking for a bundled approach? Sure, the more stuff we do, the more we can package up. You’ll notice the positive effect on your bottom line. But here’s why: we’ve found that we simply understand the business better, allowing us to be a better resource. In short, we own it. The more we do, the less time we have to spend fixing things. And if we don’t have to spend hours, days, or weeks trying to get things right that weren’t done correctly in the first place, you’re definitely going to see that reflected in your bottom line.


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